Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

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King (Martin Luther, Jr.), Birthday

Federal holiday: third Monday in January; birthday: January 15
In 1955 Rosa Parks, a black seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama, refused to obey a bus driver's order to give up her seat to a white male passenger. She was fined $14 for her defiance of the Jim Crow (segregationist) law that required blacks to sit in the rear of buses, and if the bus were crowded, to give up their seat to a white passenger. The incident led to a citywide bus boycott and raised its leader, the young black Baptist minister Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to national prominence.
King went on to establish the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and to play an active role in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. He was in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968, organizing a strike of the city's predominantly black sanitation workers, when he was shot to death at the age of 39 by James Earl Ray.
Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday, the only one that honors a person who was not a president; federal government offices are closed on that day. It has become a focal point for recognition of African-American history and the American civil rights movement led by Dr. King. It is also a legal holiday in all 50 states, since New Hampshire signed its King holiday legislation into law in 1999. In Alabama it became Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee's Birthday, observed on the third Monday in January. The same day in Virginia is called Lee-Jackson-King Day, combining Dr. King's birthday with those of Robert E. Lee and Andrew "Stonewall" Jackson ( see also Lee Day, Robert E. and Jackson's Birthday, Andrew). In schools, the day is often observed with special lessons and assembly programs dealing with Dr. King's life and work.
See also Bridge Crossing Jubilee
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Today, as we celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday, and as we serve our nation and each other, let us recommit ourselves to realizing Martin Luther King's vision-the vision of Colonel Gadson, of Lieutenant Johnson, and of all who believe in our country, and all who believe in each other.
17 to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday, and in the spirit of his legacy, discuss the center's future.
AS the country this month celebrates the commencement of the Obama era and annual observance of Martin Luther King's birthday and legacy, many events conspire to remind us much remains to be done.
It is anchored by the song "By the Time I Get to Arizona," the group's response to that state's refusal to honor Martin Luther King's birthday.
Although it may not have such a high profile as Martin Luther King's birthday in January, book publishers do take note of it, and so do some booksellers.
Ironically taking place this year on Martin Luther King's birthday (and on a day when the Rev.
Williams, an African-American, told the Times, "On Martin Luther King's birthday we have a ruling that's a complete contradiction to all the struggles and what King died for.
In 1979, his first entry in the Congressional Record marked Martin Luther King's birthday.
God created everybody, and the barriers need to be broken down, and this time of year, since it's Martin Luther King's birthday, is a good time to come together.
They also helped persuade the city to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday, which it had not done before.
He describes Ed Koch visiting a Harlem church on Martin Luther King's birthday in 1978.
Bush comes out against affirmative action on Martin Luther King's birthday.

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