Marvin Miller

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Marvin Miller
Marvin Julian Miller
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York City, New York, United States of America
Executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association (1966–1982)

Miller, Marvin (Julian)

(1917–  ) economist, labor leader; born in New York City. His father helped to organize fellow employees in retail stores where he worked and young Marvin grew up as a Dodger fan before taking his B.S. degree in economics from Miami University (Ohio) (1938). During World War II he was an economist and disputes hearing officer for the Wage Stabilization Board. After working for the International Association of Machinists (1947–50) he went to Pittsburgh to work for the United Steel Workers of America (1950–66), where he gained a national reputation for his intelligent negotiations between labor and management. In 1966 he was chosen executive director of the somewhat dormant Major Leagues Baseball Players' Association; with the club owners reluctantly going along, he set up collective bargaining procedures, helped to establish free agency and arbitration, and greatly increased salaries and pensions for the players. In 1972 he directed the first general strike in baseball history (resulting in 86 canceled games) and again in 1981 he led a players' strike that lasted 59 days (713 games canceled). He retired from the post in 1983, having led baseball players through the most expansive period in the history of the game.
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Words cannot adequately describe the level of disappointment and disbelief I felt when learning that once again the Hall of Fame has chosen to ignore Marvin Miller and his unparalleled contributions to the growth and prosperity of Major League Baseball,'' players' association head Tony Clark said in a statement.
Dickey said "Sad to hear about the passing if Marvin Miller.
It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of Marvin Miller," said current MLBPA Executive Director, Michael Weiner.
Marvin Miller, the 33-yearold behind the plan, hopes building work will begin later this year.
Natural stones--such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and onyx--are available in a range of color tones and surface textures, and their depth and uniqueness are what intrigue us," say interior designers Leslie Rinehardt and Marvin Miller, design and building partners of Rinehardt/Miller and Co.
Cannon's collaborationist position stood in sharp contrast to the hard-headed pragmatism of his successor, Marvin Miller.
In the student division of the PICA Awards, the Twin Oaks Student Achievement Awards, two high schools received awards in the flexographic category: Fairfield Career and Technology Center in Winnsboro, SC, where Marvin Miller is the instructor; and the Career Education Center in Asheville, NC, where Brooks Michael is the instructor.
The hero of Korr's book is Marvin Miller, a young Steel Workers Union economist hired by the players in 1966 to play hardball with the owners.
EVER SINCE MARVIN Miller unionized the major league umpires and got them everything they justly deserved (except capital punishment), they have worked hard at making themselves unbeloved by mankind.
For example, the chapter on Marvin Miller, who transformed the Major League Baseball Players Association into an effective labor union, discusses the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).
Among those on the committee ballot are retired managers Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa and Joe Torre; late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner; and late players' union head Marvin Miller.
He's been an all-star player, one that stood by Marvin Miller during labor disputes with the league, almost certainly a Hall of Fame manager, and one that's been working as the head of Baseball Operations for the Commissioner's Office.