Gilligan's Island

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Gilligan’s Island

comedy about a party shipwrecked on a South Pacific island. [TV: Terrace, I, 312–313]
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In Mary Ann there was a certain affected simper, and a craving for notice, that I was sorry to observe.
And MY schoolroom, and MY new books, Tom,' said Mary Ann.
When the room and books had been shown, with some bickerings between the brother and sister that I did my utmost to appease or mitigate, Mary Ann brought me her doll, and began to be very loquacious on the subject of its fine clothes, its bed, its chest of drawers, and other appurtenances; but Tom told her to hold her clamour, that Miss Grey might see his rocking-horse, which, with a most important bustle, he dragged forth from its corner into the middle of the room, loudly calling on me to attend to it.
It was too cold for Mary Ann to venture, so she stayed with her mamma, to the great relief of her brother, who liked to have me all to himself.
Master Tom told me that, as papa was from home, he and I and Mary Ann were to have tea with mamma, for a treat; for, on such occasions, she always dined at luncheon-time with them, instead of at six o'clock.
You must not flurry yourself, Mary Ann,' interposed Mrs.
JOHN WELSH, Hebburn Tel: 0191 489 9955 I AM trying to find out when my great great grandmother Mary Ann Bamborough died.
13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mary Ann Hubschman, owner/director of Palisades Preschool & Kindergarten, is being honored by the Fort Lee Regional Chamber of Commerce as a "2015 Person of the Year" in recognition of her 50 years in the business of early childhood education.
The organisation said Mary Ann O'Driscoll from Dublin was hit by a speeding car on Tuesday in Monrovia and lost her fight for life on Wednesday.
A display of beautiful flowers became a display of beautiful paintings and now there are more - although Mary Ann says she planned the exercise more carefully this time.
Mary Ann BreaultNorthborough - Mary Ann Breault passed away peacefully on January 24, 2015 after fighting a 16 month battle with a malignant brain tumor.
WHEN Mary Ann Ross woke up in a police cell for the first time in her life, it still wasn't enough to sober her up.