Mary Quant

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Mary Quant, OBE
BirthplaceBlackheath, London, England
Fashion designer
EducationGoldsmith's College

Quant, Mary,

1934–, British fashion designer. After opening her boutique in London to sell clothes, she began to design them as well. She was one of the originators of the "mod" or "Chelsea" look of the 1960s that helped make London the new center of fashion. Her designs included miniskirts; vinyl boots; dresses with striking geometric patterns and strong colors; and the "wet" look achieved by tightly fitted vinyl clothing for a young and avant-garde clientele.


See her Quant on Quant (1966).

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The country was swinging like a particularly frisky pendulum as Mary Quant was awarded an OBE for inventing the miniskirt - and a punch in the face from any fat-thighed women who happened to get anywhere near her
But what of the great days of Mary Quant, the fashion guru that introduced the mini, and Pan's People, the BBC TV dance troupe that always seemed to be in minis?
And Mary Quant is maternally a descendant of the Cystanog branch of the Vaughan family, who originated at Golden Grove in Carmarthenshire.
The Swinging '60s are back in a grown-up, first-person shooter that is as eye-popping as a Mary Quant mini-skirt and as stylish as a Mini Cooper.
The Prime Minister and his wife Cherie joined designers Mary Quant, Julian McDonald, Philip Tracey and Jemima Khan at the reception at Lancaster House.
One of the most influential designers was Mary Quant and one of the most influential retailers John Stephen, who ended up owning 10 shops in Carnaby Street.
Clockwise from top left, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones wore suits in brilliant colours during the sixties; models pose in kaftans, and ethnic look that became the big news of the decade; Mary Quant receives a haircut designed specially for her from coiffure legend Vidal Sassoon; by the end of the decade, high-tech fabrics, like plastics and polyester began to appear on the high street; Warren Beatty with Susanna York in Kaleidoscope
The 60s gave us mini-skirts, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Twiggy and Mary Quant.
Another woman leading the way was Mary Quant, whose influence within the fashion community was huge.
Fashion designer Mary Quant OBE, 68 In the Swinging Sixties when Britain became the focal point of youth culture, Mary Quant played a major role in London replacing Paris as the world's fashion capital.
Hair and make-up by Kim Brown from Rockit using Mary Quant