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meshrebeeyeh, mashrebeeyeh, mouch-araby, mushrabiya

meshrebeeyeh, 3
meshrebeeyeh, 1
1. An elaborately turned wood screen enclosing a balcony window in an Arabic structure.
2. Such a screen otherwise used.
3. A balcony with a parapet and machicolations projected over a gate to defend the entrance; the parapet may be either embattled or plain.
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IM Pei's Museum of Islamic Art looks very Arabic, while Jean Nouvel has designed a very modern tower, the Burj Qatar, with an Arabic facade that recalls a Mashrabiya screen," notes Al Jaidah.
Moorish architectural elements abound, such as mashrabiya latticework screens, beamed, painted-cedar ceilings and jewel-toned furnishings.
Traditional Arabic filigreed screens, mashrabiya, are used to soften and filter the natural light entering the space during the day.
But we have introduced things like the mashrabiya screens which are a contemporary take on an Arabic feature.
An enchanting restaurant that features a number of private dining areas, the concept within Zaitoun is Moroccan in inspiration with carved gypsum columns and archways, timber mashrabiya screens, brass lamps and lanterns, wrought iron grills and doors and floral patterns.
The focal point of the couple's home is a glass covered courtyard, lavishly decorated with divans, marble pots, a grand mashrabiya, Islamic calligraphy as well as a swing made from old Burma teak wood and Indian tapestry.
Cor-ten shutters are incorporated into the facade, filtering light through vertical slits in the manner of a modern mashrabiya.
The majestic mashrabiya dappled building is still surrounded by scaffolding and a fine layer of dust when Hotelier Middle East takes a sneak peek of the property, but on entering the grand reception doors, guests can expect to be welcomed by an immaculate lobby area and grinning Marriott Red Coats.
When selected for this project I knew immediately that the Mashrabiya would be the cornerstone of my installation.
At the Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara on Abu Dhabi's Sir Bani Yas Island, guest rooms feature a triptych of square stucco works, each with a gazelle, a close-up of the mashrabiya and a starfish.
LED lighting is used throughout and greater use has been made of Mashrabiya screens to provide shading.
Drawing inspiration from the local landscape, the hotel's design features high ceilings and a central internally-lit handmade red clay dome to complement the wooden finishing and decorative mashrabiya latticework windows.