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meshrebeeyeh, mashrebeeyeh, mouch-araby, mushrabiya

meshrebeeyeh, 3
meshrebeeyeh, 1
1. An elaborately turned wood screen enclosing a balcony window in an Arabic structure.
2. Such a screen otherwise used.
3. A balcony with a parapet and machicolations projected over a gate to defend the entrance; the parapet may be either embattled or plain.
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The dominant colors on the urban scene are pale yellow, brown color wooden mashrabiya, turquoise domes and minarets crowned scattered next to the turquoise-colored ceramic glazed and decorated with geometric designs.
Thus, it embodies the mashrabiya theme that is often found in the vertical position, which in this circumstance takes on another dimension as it is used to perforate a dome," he said of the dome concept.
Light flows into the central courtyard through 13-metre-high double-glass walls that are etched with mashrabiya patterns.
You can also enjoy a pink-themed afternoon tea at Mashrabiya Lounge at the hotel (Dhs125 per person with Dhs10 donated to charity).
Amer's recent sculpture also reminds one of the mashrabiya, the latticework wooden screens of traditional Arabic architecture, which permit one to look through without being seen; in her catalogue text, Anne Creissels uses this suggestive comparison to underscore the affiliation of Amer's work with feminist linguistic theory.
Drawing inspiration from the landscape's natural beauty and culture, the heart of the hotel boasts high ceilings and a central internallylit handmade red clay dome complementing the wooden finishing and decorative mashrabiya latticework windows.
Design accents: Rooms feature flower motif on the carpet and mashrabiya motif on the headboard
In designing the towers, the architects drew inspiration from Arab mashrabiya windows - sun and privacy screens found in traditional Islamic architecture.
DOHA KATARA Art Center (KAC) on Friday organised a workshop aimed at introducing the traditional Arabic architectural element of the mashrabiya, an ornate screen window, and teach the basic principles for designing at home.
Al Ali said the design was inspired by the mashrabiya, the carved wooden ornament that is placed in front of the window in Islamic architecture.
In 1995, a team of Egyptian and French experts initiated a restoration process for Beit el-Sennari, which involved pumping out subterranean water, replacing the old and deteriorated drainage system and renovating all the tiles and mashrabiya (wooden latticework).
Traditional oriel windows of Mashrabiya designs are a characteristic throughout the resort and respect Kuwait's rich heritage.