see MuscatMuscat,
or Masqat
, city (1993 pop. 533,774), capital of Oman, SE Arabia, on the Gulf of Oman. It is flanked by rugged mountains. Muscat, which has a fine harbor, was seized by the Portuguese Afonso de Albuquerque in 1508 and kept by Portugal
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, Oman.
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The Oman Oil Company (OOC), together with its subsidiary, the chemical company Oxea, have signed an agreement with the German University of Technology (GUtech) in Maskat, Oman.
Richard Burton noticed that even the "Imam of Maskat," at that time, Sayyid Faisal bin Turki (1864-1913) who "voluntarily have made a treaty with.
Freimane, now 93 and living in Berlin, went on to become a legendary theatre and film historian, and her recent autobiography, "Adieu, Atlantis," was the inspiration for composer Arturs Maskats and librettist Liyune Langa to weave her personal story into the modern history of Latvia, whose fate was dramatically altered for 50 years.
But Tango by Latvian composer Arturs Maskats made a lively and impressive curtain-raiser to this CBSO concert, vividly scored, clearly structured, with a soul-baring backstreet melody interweaved by counter subjects like dancers' ankles intertwining.
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra: Pianist Lars Vogt, conductor Andris Nelsons - Maskats, Beethoven, Rachmaninov: Birmingham Symphony Hall, 7.
From the Wreckage, performed by Swedish virtuoso Hakan Hardenberger alongside the familiar Haydn concerto in September, and Tango by Latvian composer Artur Maskats.
Tango by the Latvian Arturs Maskats is simultaneously more challenging and more rewardingly approachable, with plaintive backstreet melodies and a firmly established rhythmic pulse.
Artus Maskats, the artistic director of Latvian Opera, and Rainbow Body by New Yorker Christopher Theofanidis.