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bake oven

bake oven (longitudinal section)
An oven constructed of bricks, usually having a circular or oval dome; often located within the hearth of the principal fireplace of a colonial home, usually in a corner of the hearth and a few feet above it. Bake ovens were once an integral part of the fireplace construction; some were heated by glowing charcoal or embers that were swept out before the unbaked loaves were inserted and the iron oven door closed. Also called a beehive oven, bread oven, brick oven, or Dutch oven.
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Since this type of masonry oven does not require installation of a fire suppression system, the fire likely spread to the roof because the duct did not contain the fire and there was insufficient clearance between it and combustible roof materials.
Desiring a way to bake not only breads, but also pizza, calzone, baked beans and roasted meats using wood as a heat source, I set out to make an outdoor wood burning masonry oven like those commonly used in Italy or Mexico.
The staff at COUNTRYSIDE also built a masonry oven which doesn't have a chimney.
Since a proper masonry oven will cost well over $1,000, this book will easily pay for itself by eliminating even just a few mistakes.
If the average person today thinks baking bread at home is stupid when you can buy a loaf for a buck or so, baking bread in an outdoor masonry oven must be the height of insanity
The book, "The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens," by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott, is an in-depth manual to more complex masonry ovens and outdoor baking.
He and Mark had to remove the old masonry ovens to reveal the original fireplace opening, into which they fitted an old Victorian range.
Much has been written about the construction of masonry ovens.