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see MazoviaMazovia
or Masovia
Pol. Mazowsze, historic region, central Poland. At the death (1138) of Boleslaus III, Mazovia became an independent duchy under the Piast dynasty. It became a suzerainty of Great Poland in 1351 and was finally united with it in 1526.
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In the 1220s its western military focus turned to the Baltic, when Conrad I, Duke of Masovia, invited the knights to help protect Polish lands against the pagan Prussians living to the north, in the area that today comprises part of northern Poland, the Kaliningrad enclave of the Russian Federation and part of south-western Lithuania.
TVU, representing Tees Valley, works with regional authorities from Cheshire, Saxony-Anhalt, North Rhine Westphalia, Asturias, Masovia, Estonia, Novara, Limburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Usti region.
Friedrich Gross was at about the same time arrested in Warsaw (then capital of the province of Masovia, voivodeship of Poland)--indicating he was not on his way to Denmark, but probably to the imperial court in Vienna, or to the Elector of Saxony in Dresden or Leipzig.
In the region of Masovia, deep in the heartland of central Poland, Belvedere Polish Luxury Vodka is handcrafted following 500-year-old traditions.
In the region of Masovia, deep in the heartland of central Poland, Belvedere and Chopin Polish Luxury Vodka are handcrafted following 600 year-old traditions.
The main territories of late Mesolithic settlement were lowland areas of Pomerania, the Masurian Lake District, NE Masovia, Great Poland, Lower Silesia and some regions of central Poland.