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He appealed to the government to engage in sensitization and enlightenment at various levels, appreciating the government extension of the hands of fellowship to the masquerade during their festivals.
Since masquerade activities always coloured every important celebration among the Igbo in view of the belief that it represented the ancestors of the land witnessing the activities of their descendants, there is the move that festivals that showcase assemblage of masquerades should be gazetted by the government of South-east Nigeria to reflect the sum total of Igbo life, activities, beliefs, passions, theatre and tradition (Chiewe 1990).
The essays are grouped into five sections and categories: The Convergence of Historic Non-Western and Contemporary Masquerade; Public Masquerade Mirroring Communities in Transition; Performance Masquerade as Social and Political Commentary; Visual Art's Influence on Masquerade; Graphic and Performance Art, Branding, Photography and Comic Books; and The Universality of Digital Masquerade for a Global Audience.
The book provides transcription and translation of Makonde and Shimakonde texts and discusses aspects of the tradition such as youth involvement, rival villages, and the rise and fall of feminist masquerades.
The myriad Carnival, Christmas, and other masquerades of the Caribbean have been the subject of much research over the past couple of decades.
This message depicts the obscure but vantage position of the leaders who are invisible in the dancing arena of the masquerades, and the masquerades who are in turn programmed to accomplish certain questionable missions.
Besides masquerades, the group also entertains people with their rendering of folk tales, African comic shows and drama among other things.
DIFF artistic director Masoud Amralla Al Ali said the screening of Masquerades in Dubai resonates to the growing demand from discerning movie-goers for internationally acclaimed cinema.
On the fourth day, for example, the appearance of masquerades serves to venerate Sango, the god of thunder as well as the spirits of other ancestors.
For a traditional masquerade mask, glue on glitter, feathers, sequins, and ribbons.
Masquerades such as the Ofuruma, or shark, somersault with the agility of acrobats anywhere.
Masquerade floats snaked their way through the streets, to the sound of steel drums.