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The mass fraction of solids in the final product, on the average, is 11-12%, fat--0.
The incubation time affected the mass fraction of macroaggregates recovered in samples of the two soils (P < 0.
7) to decrease consistently with increasing temperature and to increase with increasing SDS mass fraction.
The flow velocities and solid mass fraction of the CHS were controlled under the pre-arranged conditions in order to obtain the flow-related parameters.
The mass fraction of carbonate found in HA-SRM was in the range from 0.
The mass fraction data agree for the MTMS- and APTMS-coated particles, whereas the value obtained by ultrasonic alkaline etching for the GPTMS-coated particles is significantly greater than that obtained from TG data.
The char yields of BA:PU alloys at 10, 20, and30% mass fractions of urethane were determined to be 23.
Composite pastes made up of various resins (Table 4; mass fraction 60%) and ACP fillers (Table 5; mass fraction 40%) were formulated by hand spatulation.
It has been determined that thickness (h) of one-layer coatings of composite material tends to increase with increase of mass fraction of hydroxyapatite in composite material.
In the alloys with the mass fraction of chromium higher than 10%, the solubility is described by quadratic equation and it is therefore necessary to determine the values of the second order interaction parameter.
Briefly, the purified standard solution was assigned a mass fraction of somatropin via AAA using IDMS principles and peptide IDMS.