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mass production:

see productionproduction,
in economics, all those activities that have to do with the creation of commodities, by imparting to raw materials utility, added value, or the ability to satisfy human wants.
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mass production

the production of long runs of standardized products for a mass market. This so-called ‘Fordist’ form of production was associated with a well-developed division of labour and a tendency to routinization of the LABOUR PROCESS. Subsequently, under post-Fordism, with the introduction of computer technology and more flexible production systems, mass production is disappearing (see FORDISM AND POST-FORDISM, FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION).

Mass Production


a form of the organization of production, characterized by a limited assortment of uniform products manufactured in great quantities.

Mass production represents the highest form of production specialization, allowing the enterprise to concentrate on the output of one or several articles or components of standard dimensions. Mass production is characteristic of many sectors of industry: machine building (tools, fasteners, bearings), instruments (watches), light industry (shoes, haberdashery), and the food industry (canned food). Mass production can be organized within workshops or sections of workshops or in the enterprise as a whole. As a rule, with mass production, production can be significantly increased while maintaining or improving quality. Labor productivity rises because special equipment and production tooling is used and because the time needed for the preparatory and final operations is minimized; the cost price is lowered, and profitability is increased.

Mass production requires changes in the production process itself and the methods of its implementation, as well as in the specialization of work areas and their arrangement in terms of the order of operations performed. In the majority of cases, the technological process is progressive and relatively unchanging. The workers’ skills in the area of a narrow specialization must be very high. The technical operations in mass production are synchronized, and the movement of the objects of labor from one work area to another is continuous, often via mechanized means of transport (conveyors). Thus, a minimal duration of the production cycle is achieved, with a maximum turnover speed. With mass production, various articles are manufactured simultaneously and, as a rule, without interruption. This flexibility is made possible by maximum standardization of the assemblies and the components in the designing process.

With mass production, the amount of work assigned to a work area and the mechanization of accounting and control are increased. Production is subject to continuous remote control dispatching, and an automatic system of enterprise control has been introduced.

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Last August, the Iranian Defense Ministry started mass-production of 73-mm anti-armor rockets capable of piercing and destroying armored vehicles from a 1,300-meter distance.
With the introduction of mass-production machinery and increasingly effective steam power in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the dominant form of industrial competition shifted from craft production to factory-based industrial production.
Founded in 1978, Beneficial Insectary has become a leader in the commercial mass-production market.
Research activities have started to commercialize four new types of bio-implants," Mehrabian said, adding that mass-production of these products will soon begin in the country.
houses and look at the question from a critical and objective point of view, we shall arrive at the "House machine", the mass-production house, healthy (morally so too) and beautiful in the same way that the working tools and instruments that accompany our existence are beautiful'.
and Applied Holographics PLC of Washington in Tyne & Wear, England, have formed a 50 percent joint venture company for the mass-production of embossed holography to serve a wide range of industries, including flexible and ridged packaging, plastics, pharmaceuticals, credit cards and product security.
TOKYO -- TDK (NYSE:TDK) today announces that is has commenced shipping mass-production samples of its bare-type (cartridge-less) BD-R (write-once type) and BD-RE (rewritable type) Blu-ray Discs.