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It would be a physical declaration of independence, and the majority of Massadah Al-Ansar members were initially Saudia, according to the book and the author who interviewed Bin Laden.
He built Massadah Al-Ansar in the mountains of Jaji and acquired the name from a poem written by Prophet Muhammad's companion.
Abdul-Rassul Sayyafordered a first trial of the Massadah Al-Ansar-trained Arab unit in Ramadan 1986, granting the unit permission to fight in the Battle of Khost.
Bin Laden hoped his Massadah Al-Ansar would offer additional training opportunities, but he had no experience in setting up training schedules.
The Soviets struck first with aerial bombardments of Massadah Al-Ansar lasting nine days.
The Arabs who trained at Massadah noted that in a defensive war the Soviets were at a severe disadvantage because their ground forces were not as aware of the contours of the terrain.
By then the book boasts that Bin Laden has established 18 Massadah Al-Ansar training centers.