Master of Sport

Master of Sport


a title in sports established in the USSR by a resolution of the Higher Council on Physical Culture of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR in 1935. It is awarded for life to sportsmen who have fulfilled at official competitions the norms and requirements for the title as established by the Uniform All-Union Sports Classification. Between 1935 and 1972 the title of Master of Sport was awarded to 93,200 sportsmen. In 1965, to encourage Soviet sportsmen to attain increased mastery in world sports, the Central Council of the Union of Sporting Societies and Organizations of the USSR established the title Master of Sport of the International Class, which is awarded to victors and prize winners of the Olympic Games, to champions of the world, Europe, and the USSR, and to prize winners at the largest official international competitions. In late 1972 there were 2,300 international class masters in the USSR.

In 1934, by a resolution of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR the honorary title of Honored Master of Sport of the USSR was established. It is awarded to two groups of sportsmen: those who have achieved outstanding successes in international and all-Union competitions and are active in the development of physical culture and sport and those who have won the title of champion of the Olympic Games, the world, or Europe (twice). Between 1934 and 1972 the title of Honored Master of Sport of the USSR was awarded to 1,874 sportsmen, including M. P. Butusov (soccer), D. M. Vasil’ev (skiing), N. S. Tepliakova (tennis), P. A. Romanovskii (chess), M. G. Shamanova (track and field), and Ia. F. Mel’nikov (skating). Sportsmen who are awarded the titles of Master of Sport, Master of Sport of the International Class, and Honored Master of Sport of the USSR are given chest badges and certificates.


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Mr Wilson, from Huyton, first graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in sports studies and he then acquired a teaching degree and then studied for three years at Liverpool John Moores University and gained a Master of Sport Physiology degree.
Mainazarov is an honored coach of Kyrgyzstan, Master of Sport (International Class) in weightlifting.
Kyrgyzstan team: Greco-Roman wrestling Master of Sports Shadybek Sulaimanov (50 kg) Master of Sports Urmatbek Amatov (58 kg) Raatbek Mambetov - Senior Coach Boxing Master of Sports Islomzhan Dalibaev (up to 69 kg) Azamat Kubadaeva - coach Modern Pentathlon Master of Sports Ilyaz Baktybekov Igor Zakutnoy - coach Swimming Master of Sport Dmitry Alexandrov - 200 m breaststroke Candidate for Master of Sport Ekaterina Lysenko - 200 m breaststroke Rosa Bikinina - coach Judo Candidate for Master of Sports Bolotbek Toktogonov (90 kg) Abdyrazak Sharshenov - coach Rowing Candidate for Master of Sports Ruslan Molthan - 200 m Tatiana Semikin - coach The delegation is lead by the head of the State Agency of Physical Culture and Sports Almazbek Kasenov.
The scholarship for professional athletes will fund half the tuition fee of the 14-month AISTS Master of Sports Administration, which takes place in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne, Switzerland each year.
Ranked among the world's top sports management programs, the AISTS Master of Sports Administration attracts individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, including athletes seeking a transition or dual career.
She has been named an Honored Master of Sports in recognition of the feat, an award reserved for Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic medalists, as well as world and European champions and World Cup winners.
If you would like the chance of winning one, simply answer the following question: What is the name of Coventry City's performance manager and master of sports psychology?
We have one coach who's a master of sports trivia and sometimes we counter with academic questions,'' Strauss said.

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