Master plan

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Master plan

A planning document designed to guide the future development on an entity; may be employed for the construction or remodeling of a building, site planning or access, or for a political jurisdiction indicating proposed land uses.

master plan

A plan, usually graphic and drawn on a small scale but often supplemented by written material, which depicts all the elements of a project or scheme.
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This master plan, which will take about a year to develop, will emphasize protecting open space and the region's native plants and wildlife, Mollinedo said.
The Griffith Park Master Plan workshops are scheduled for 6:30 to 8:30 p.
The number of jets at the airfield is up sixfold over the past 20 years, and would increase an additional 50 percent under a long-stalled master plan.
Flexibility and modification would be permitted as the new law was implemented, but never a whisper then for an overall Master Plan was ever raised.
AECOM s previous experience in the area includes the ACT Motorsport Strategy, Mildura Motorsports and Community Facilities Precinct, Broome Motorsport master plan and business case and the Benaraby Motorsport master plan.
Speaking on the occasion, the minister said, "The Ashghal master plan is important for the city's drainage system.
If East Brookfield is known for anything, it's for being cautious and the final draft of the Master Plan is no exception," the chairman of the board of selectmen said.
When the master plan becomes a continuous review of information and analysis, it is readily adaptable to the outside environment.
The creation of the master plan was funded through a Federal Department of Transportation Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) planning grant of $1 million, $95,000 from Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.
During the process of preparing a master plan for the expansion project, Larson says the public will be consulted for input as to what kind-of facilities should go into an expanded Marina Park.
The Master Plan policy is a combination homeowners/automobile insurance policy offering coverage for up to three residences and up to seven vehicles.
If your master plan has been well established, the contract administration plan will merely seem like deja vu.

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