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Mathesis, asteroid 454 (the 454th asteroid to be discovered, on March 28, 1900), is approximately 88 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.3 years. Its name represents the desire for learning and the power of knowledge. In a natal chart, Mathesis’s location by sign and house indicates where and how the desire for learning is most likely to manifest. When afflicted by inharmonious aspects, Mathesis may show aversion to learning or attraction to unhelpful subjects of learning. If prominent in a chart (e.g., conjunct the Sun or the ascendant), it may indicate an exceptionally studious person, or an individual for whom learning is a major life theme.


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In this effort, he attempted to represent existence and nonexistence, truth and falsehood, through ones and zeros: little wonder that so many of Leibniz's ideas resurfaced in computation, where mathesis universalis is possible in the controlled universes of operating systems and declarative programming languages.
Jose Antonio Robles pertenecio al consejo editorial de las revistas Mathesis (Facultad de Ciencias de la UNAM), y Anuario de Filosofia (Facultad de Filosofia y Letras), asi como al comite editorial de Signos (UAM), y al del Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficas, y fue miembro del comite consultor del British Journal for the History of Philosophy.
21) beneath the footstool of Dullness while "mad mathesis alone [is] unconfined" (31); that is, as Pope's notes stress, Science is "depressed and confined so as to be rendered useless", while "the strange Conclusions some Mathematicians have deduced from their principles concerning the real quantity of Matter, the Reality of Space, etc.
En El capitalismo utopico, Pierre de Rosanvallon (2006) sostiene que en la cultura occidental el Iluminismo abrio un camino alterno de reordenamiento de la sociedad: la utopia de su regulacion a traves del mercado, de la mathesis economica, a diferencia del despotismo politico.
19) Palabra que proviene del griego chrestos (util) y mathesis (aprendizaje).
La mathesis universal--como Descartes llama a la filosofia--es la investigacion del orden y la unidad del todo.
La palabra griega mathesis significa justamente "aprendizaje".
Tanto el ethos como la mathesis sociales que condicionan una obra escrita veinte anos despues del final de la transicion democratica, en pleno debate sobre el legado cuestionable de la misma, no son obviamente los mismos que apuntalan la sociedad de los 80.
Se diria que esto muestra lo profundamente moderna que nacio la filosofia analitica, anclada aun en el modelo cartesiano de una mathesis universalis.
As we all known, the inequality (1) was firstly discovered by Hermite in 1881 in the journal Mathesis (see Mitrinovic and Lackovic [1]).
This algebraic language outlines a mathesis of desire.