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Matica Srpska


a Serbian literary-scholarly and cultural-educational society. Founded Feb. 16, 1826, in Pest by the Serbian writer and jurist J. Hadzic and six Serbian merchants for the purpose of promoting the development of Serbian culture and continuing publication of the journal Letopis, which began publication in Pest in 1824. In 1864 the center of Matica Srpska’s activity moved to Novi Sad in Vojvodina.

Matica Srpska published original and translated works of literature, gave financial assistance to writers and students, distributed books among the people, and set up libraries and reading rooms. It played an important role in the development of the Serbian literary language and in awakening the national consciousness of the Serbs. In socialist Yugoslavia, Matica Srpska is a major scholarly and cultural-educational center; it has divisions for literature, scholarly work, manuscripts, and art history. In addition to specialized scholarly publications, Matica Srpska publishes various journals, including Letopis, Zbornik za društvene nauke (since 1950), and Zbornik za istoriju (since 1970).


Milisavec, Ž. Matica srpska, 1826-1964. Novi Sad, 1965.
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Head of programmes Bill Griffiths visited Kosovo as part of the British Council's Moving Museums project in March - and as part of the same project he met The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall at an event held in the Matica Srpska Gallery, Serbia.
For her first book, the short novel Dok su duse lutale (1994), she was awarded a reputable national prize, Matica srpska, and for her second book of stories, LP-licne price (2005), she also received good reviews.
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The seat of Matica Srpska (1826), the oldest and most important cultural institution, was moved from Pest (Pesta) to Novi Sad in 1864.
He was a board member of the Serbian government's largest monetary institution in Hungary, the Central Credit Bureau, and a member of the Literary and Administrative Board of Matica Srpska and of the Serbian National Theater.
Details of the exhibition of children's work in the Diocesan Museum and the Gallery of Matica Srpska are appended.
These are topics of great importance at Matica Srpska Library, where I am a librarian in the cataloging and bibliography department.
Milica Cvetkovic is a librarian in the cataloging and bibliography department of the Matica Srpska Library, Novi Sad, Serbia.
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