Matte Box

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Matte Box


a device attached to a movie camera consisting of a light shade and filter holder.

The matte box protects the lens from extraneous light and makes it possible to mount several filters and optical attachments in front of the lens.


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We didn't have time to use a matte box and filters, because we were filming during our clients' normal workday.
All the front elements are an identical size, 114mm, which is incredibly helpful and time-efficient when using a clip-on matte box.
When you're acting to a piece of sticky tape on the matte box of a camera rather than a real person and its supposed to be the first time you've seen someone come back from the dead, I find that difficult.
For the past month, aspiring filmmakers have uploaded their AF100 short projects to contend for the grand prize as well as the top prize (a Vocas Matte Box and Rail system) in the six competition categories (short film, documentary, commercial, music video, nature and wildlife, and student film).