Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann

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Pöppelmann, Matthäus Daniel


Born May 3 (?), 1662, in Herford, Westphalia; died Jan. 17, 1736, in Dresden. German architect.

Pöppelmann visited Rome and Naples in 1710 and Paris in 1715. His principal work was the Zwinger ensemble in Dresden (1711–22), whose design was inspired by the ancient Roman open forum and circus. The Zwinger consists of a rectangular arena for fetes, arched galleries, and pavilions. The neoclassical clarity of its general plan is combined with the elegance and baroque dynamism of its dimensions and sculptural decoration (sculptor, B. Permoser). Pöppelmann introduced rococo elements into the decoration, thus becoming one of the founders of the rococo style in Germany.


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When he was waiting to be the object of your munificence, so freely bestowed for my sake, and when I was unhappy in the mercenary shape I was made to wear, I thought it would have become him better to have worked his own way on.
You thought to escape my munificence, but it is in vain.
We were able to prove the contrary, and that proof we are ready to give to your majesty, calling in support of it the august widow weeping in the Louvre, where your royal munificence has provided for her a home.
She saw her offering in our beauty, the benevolence of the dauphine in our softness, her own gratitude in our exquisite fineness, and princely munificence in our delicacy.
The veteran soon caused this set of patriotic disinterestedness to be followed by another of private munificence, that, however little it accorded with prudence, was in perfect conformity with the simple integrity of his own views.
Upon the arrival of the superintendent, a murmur of joy and affection was heard; Fouquet, full of affability, good humor, and munificence, was beloved by his poets, his artists, and his men of business.
Have no scruple in accepting my offer; our property is derived from the Emperor; we do not own a penny that is not the result of his munificence.
With the reasons which kept Bulstrode in dread of Raffles there flashed the thought that the dread might have something to do with his munificence towards his medical man; and though he resisted the suggestion that it had been consciously accepted in any way as a bribe, he had a foreboding that this complication of things might be of malignant effect on Lydgate's reputation.
Munificent as life was to me, I added to that munificence.
Nicholas could not go to bed without expatiating on the excellences and munificence of the brothers Cheeryble, and relating the great success which had attended his efforts that day.
Gracefulness belongeth to the munificence of the magnanimous.
In addition to these establishments, there is a Roman Catholic cathedral, dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier; and a hospital, founded by the munificence of a deceased resident, who was a member of that church.