Johann Mattheson

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Mattheson, Johann


Born Sept. 28, 1681, in Hamburg; died there Apr. 17, 1764. German writer on musical theory, composer, singer, and conductor.

Mattheson wrote several operas, 24 oratorios and cantatas, and instrumental pieces. His works on music theory were of fundamental importance. Mattheson was an advocate of national music and an adherent of the doctrine of affections in musical aesthetics, which was progressive for the times. Among his studies were The Newly Opened Orchestra (parts 1-3, 1713-21), Musical Criticism (vols. 1-2, 1722-25), and The Modern Bandmaster (1739). He was the author of the first biography of G. F. Handel.


Materialy i dokumenty po istorii muzyki, vol. 2. Edited by M. V. IvanovBoretskii. Moscow, 1934.
Wolff, H. C. Die Barockoper in Hamburg (1678-1738), vols. 1-2. Wolfenbüttel, 1957.
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For Charpentier (in 1691) it was "joyful, militant;" for Mattheson (1713-19) it was "noisy, joyful;" for Rameau (1722) it was "for mirth and rejoicing.
Circles, maps, and spirals modeling root progressions and key shifts are associated with such names as Johan Mattheson, David Kellner, Gottfried Weber, and Leonhard Euler, and played a large part in the great explosion of music theory in the eighteenth century.
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