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He discusses the evidence that Beethoven understood and used key characteristics, including his personal views and his familiarity of the views of others, including Johann Mattheson, Johann Philipp Kirnberger, Johann George Sulzer, Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart, Anton Reicha, and Carl Czerny; keys commonly and less frequently used by Beethoven and their affective characteristics, with lists of examples by Beethoven and other composers; the tonal symbolism in his solo songs, as well as modulations in them; and case studies of his concert aria oAh
In chapter 1, Collins distills the most essential contributions to baroque style theory in the writings of Giovanni Maria Artusi, Claudio Monteverdi, Marco Scacchi, Kircher, Christoph Bernhard, Tomas Baltazar Janovka, Brossard, Mattheson, Johann Gottfried Walther, and James Grassineau.