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a fascist German concentration camp. It was established in July 1938, 4 km from the town of Mauthausen (Austria) as a “branch” of the Dachau concentration camp. It was disaffiliated from the latter in March 1939.

From 1938 to 1945 about 335,000 persons from many countries were imprisoned at Mauthausen. Just on the basis of records that have been preserved, more than 122,000 persons (including more than 32,000 Soviet citizens) were savagely murdered at the camp. At Mauthausen an underground resistance organization, created by Communists and headed by an international camp committee, led a revolt on May 5-7, 1945.

After World War II a memorial museum was established at the site of the Mauthausen camp. In 1948 a monument was erected at Mauthausen for D. M. Karbyshev, who was tortured to death there in February 1945.


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Aribert Heim, a doctor at Mauthausen concentration camp, killed hundreds of inmates.
JUST AS the Germans cannot rid themselves of the responsibility for the start of World War II and the creation of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Mauthausen death camps by blaming it all on the paranoid Hitler, so we cannot absolve ourselves for the disaster that struck Cyprus in 1974 by putting the blame exclusively on the Greek Junta and EOKA B.
And the greatest failure was that we did not find Aribert Heim, the doctor from Mauthausen, who had died in Egypt many years previously.
The phrase above was carved into the prison cell walls of the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria.
Now, weighing less than five stones and at full term (Anka had luckily been given baggy clothes which hid her pregnancy), they arrived at the most notorious death camp of Mauthausen, where she was thrown onto a farmer's cart on top of the sick, diseased and dying.
Then, at the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Mauthausen, Eva, E Hana and Mark met for the first time, becoming 'siblings of the heart.
This weekend four swastikas and the word "Hitler" were found drawn and etched on walls on the former Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen.
Now visibly pregnant, Anka was no use to her Nazi guards, who sent her to the dreaded Mauthausen camp on the Czech/Austrian border after the raids.
During the War, Ken was among the first troops to enter and liberate the concentration camps at Mauthausen in Austria on May 5, 1945.
But the young people on van Tijn's list ended up among some 300 young Jewish males who were arrested and sent to the Mauthausen concentration camp; very few survived.