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Jacob, Max


Born July 11, 1876, in Quimper, in the department of Finistere; died Mar. 5, 1944, in a concentration camp at Drancy. French author.

Jacob first appeared in print in 1903. Closely associated with G. Apollinaire, P. Picasso, and G. Braque, he came forward in the decade before World War I as one of the advocates of “cubist poetry” and of cubism in painting. Jacob’s works influenced the surrealists: his book Poetic Art (1922) proclaimed nonrationalism and the rejection of plot, and his poems displayed religious motifs and fantastically vague forms, or “myths”; the poems are built on alliterations and puns, at times crossing over into meaninglessness (including “Central Laboratory,” 1921, and “Penitents in Pink Tights,” 1925). Jacob’s novels (Filibuth, or The Golden Watch, 1922, and Bouchaballe’s Land, 1923), as well as his works that are unique for their combination of prose and verse (St. Matorel, 1909, and The Defense ofTartuffe, 1919), are marked by the interplay of fantasy and grotesquely depicted bourgeois reality. Jacob, a Jew, died in the concentration camp where he was imprisoned by German fascists (Letters to Salacrou, published in 1957).


Derniers poèmes en vers et en prose. Paris [1961].
In Russian translation:
[Poetry], in la pishu tvoe imia, Svoboda. Moscow, 1968.


Istoriiafrantsuzskoiliteratury, vol. 3. Moscow, 1959.
Europe, 1958, April-May, nos. 348–49. (The issue is devoted to M. Jacob.)


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This combination of individuality and anonymity informs his poignant 1916 rendering of Max Jacob, a Jew who converted to Catholicism, was later persecuted, and died in a Nazi camp.
The work of Claude de Burine has slowly amplified from the early Lettres a l'enfance (1957) and La gardienne (1960), through Le passeur (1977) and La servante (1980), recipients respectively of the Prix Max Jacob and the Prix Alfred de Musset, to the recent collections Le voyageur (1991) and Le visiteur (1991).
Their new book, "PICASSO & The Secret Muse," released for the first time at Hilligoss Galleries, features unknown portraits of Max Jacob, Marie Laurencin, Apollinaire, Braque, Dufy, Picasso, and many other historic masters through the eyes and works of American-born Gaston Longchamp.
Contract notice: Project management mission on the redevelopment of two day nurseries 68 seats in the existing, 14 rue max jacob, 75013 paris.
His interest probably took hold in the winter of 1902, when Picasso moved in with the poet Max Jacob on the Boulevard Voltaire.
It is an amazing feat of detective work, and Kluver does an excellent job of identifying the members of the party and sketching the roles they played in Picasso's life: the poets Max Jacob and Andre Salmon; artists Moise Kisling and Amedeo Modigliani; art critic Henri-Pierre Roche; plus a bon vivant, Manuel Ortiz de Zarate; a fashion model called Paquerette; and another artist, Marie Wassilieff.
Max Jacob (1876-1944), painter and poet, is considered, with Apollinaire, a co-founder of the Cubist movement in literature.
Since a lot of the materials, especially windows, are often scavenged, to my mind the Open City partakes of a kind of wit, delicacy, and earthy lyricism I associate with other improvised stays against the "external sublime," like the really fine moments of pre-World War II French Surrealist poetry, Robert Desnos, Max Jacob, Paul Eluard.