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Jacob, Max


Born July 11, 1876, in Quimper, in the department of Finistere; died Mar. 5, 1944, in a concentration camp at Drancy. French author.

Jacob first appeared in print in 1903. Closely associated with G. Apollinaire, P. Picasso, and G. Braque, he came forward in the decade before World War I as one of the advocates of “cubist poetry” and of cubism in painting. Jacob’s works influenced the surrealists: his book Poetic Art (1922) proclaimed nonrationalism and the rejection of plot, and his poems displayed religious motifs and fantastically vague forms, or “myths”; the poems are built on alliterations and puns, at times crossing over into meaninglessness (including “Central Laboratory,” 1921, and “Penitents in Pink Tights,” 1925). Jacob’s novels (Filibuth, or The Golden Watch, 1922, and Bouchaballe’s Land, 1923), as well as his works that are unique for their combination of prose and verse (St. Matorel, 1909, and The Defense ofTartuffe, 1919), are marked by the interplay of fantasy and grotesquely depicted bourgeois reality. Jacob, a Jew, died in the concentration camp where he was imprisoned by German fascists (Letters to Salacrou, published in 1957).


Derniers poèmes en vers et en prose. Paris [1961].
In Russian translation:
[Poetry], in la pishu tvoe imia, Svoboda. Moscow, 1968.


Istoriiafrantsuzskoiliteratury, vol. 3. Moscow, 1959.
Europe, 1958, April-May, nos. 348–49. (The issue is devoted to M. Jacob.)


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Esa pasion por la pintura que Alberti comparte con escritores geniales como Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Cocteau, Max Jacob, Federico Garcia Lorca, John Berger, Jose Hierro, Gunter Grass, escritores que convergen en paralelo con la pintura, y, tambien, con pintores extraordinarios que escribieron paginas deslumbrantes como Malevich, Salvador Dali, Albert Rafols--Casamada, Antoni Tapies, Antonio Saura, Balthus.
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Jabes's physical and temporal distance vis-a-vis the French and the American literary worlds which he would later frequent (Rosmarie Waldrop's memories of Jabes (21) are interspersed with the many transatlantic readings to which they travelled together), his residing in Cairo away from the artistic milieus of Paris and New York, and a conflicting judeo-francophone identity in predominantly Islamic and arabophone Egypt, are illustrated in a colorful letter he receives from Max Jacob.
Le habia hablado del asunto en una ocasion anterior: de la calidad de esa poesia y de la gran pasion francofona del poeta, que intento en una etapa de su vida escribir en frances y que habia sido companero, amigo, mentor, de muchos de los grandes personajes de la vanguardia de este pais, desde nombres ya legendarios como Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Tristan Tzara, Juan Gris.
Musician John Black, 29, from South Shields, penned Sweet Dreams Our Little Angel in memory of Max Jacob.
To be telecast this fall is "Monsieur Max" in which Brialy stars as Jewish, homosexual poet Max Jacob who, despite his conversion to Catholicism, was imprisoned at the Nazi deportation camp in Drancy and died there in 1944.
In 1935 Picasso, influenced by the French poet Max Jacob, temporarily shifted from painting to derivative and pretentious Surrealistic poetry: "a bedbug of sun eating the fragrance of the dying hour"; "the cuttlebone bites its throne at the lamp" Baldassari treats these effusions with po-faced seriousness.
As for the milieu, this Romania-shot film gives us the usual take on the usual cast of Parisian art-world characters of the time: expansive Diego Rivera, gay Max Jacob, witty Gertrude Stein .