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Müller, Max


(Friedrich Max Müller). Born Dec. 6, 1823, in Dessau; died Oct. 28, 1900, in Oxford. English philologist. Specialist in general linguistics, Indology, and mythology. Professor at Oxford University (1854–76).

Müller belonged to the naturalistic school of linguistics; however, unlike A. Schleicher, he regarded language not as a self-sufficient organism but only as a necessary function of the human organism. According to Müller, the development of language is in its growth, its natural development; linguistics, on the other hand, is a natural science. Even before the neogrammarians, Müller emphasized the importance of studying unwritten languages; he pointed out the leading role of living dialectal speech in language development.

Müller translated and published the Rig-Veda (6 vols., 1849–74) and edited the series The Sacred Books of the East (55 vols., 1879–1924).


History of the Ancient Sanskrit Literature. London, 1859.
In Russian translation:
Lektsii po nauke o iazyke. St. Petersburg, 1865.
Sravnitel’naia mifologiia. Moscow, 1863.
Nauka o iazyke, issues 1–2. Voronezh, 1868–70.


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