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As a result of the least action it obtains Maxwell's equation (1).
2 Maxwell's equations and the current density four-vector
Turning first to a model based on Maxwell's equations, the system (16)-(18) with a vanishing electric field divergence results in the electric field components
Larson derived Maxwell's equations from a simple two-component solid-mechanical aether [33].
The corresponding revised Lorentz and gauge invariant theory represents an extended version which aims beyond Maxwell's equations.
These results cannot be explained by conventional theory in which Maxwell's equations serve as a guiding line and basis.
A subset of fractal designs has been shown by the firm's scientists to be essential to understanding the property of 'frequency independence' in Maxwell's equations, which govern the properties of the electromagnetic spectrum, including radio frequencies.
The genesis of Maxwell's equations and the later redevelopment of Maxwell's theory by his followers are then described, including Heaviside and Hertz.
As well the necessary generalisation of Maxwell's equations displays the observed light bending effects.
Instead of solving the Maxwell's equations directly with the finest meshes, O-Wave's multi-grid technique uses the electric field solution with coarse meshes as initial guess, and quickly finds a convergent, more accurate solution with finer meshes.
In order for Maxwell's equations to satisfy Einstein's equations, it is shown that: (1) a free electromagnetic field along the trajectory of an orbiting body must be present, by means of purely magnetic "standing" waves; (2) electromagnetic fields don't satisfy the Einstein equations in a region of orbiting space bodies if there is no distribution of another substance (e.
Coverage includes striplines, Cauchy-type integrals and solution of SIEs, anisotropic media, analysis of different types of microstrip lines by the SIE method, and solution of Maxwell's equations by the SIE method.