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, city (1994 pop. 185,487), capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, W Germany, a port on the E bank of the Rhine River opposite the mouth of the Main River. Its French name, also sometimes used in English, is Mayence.
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, Germany.
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The book opens with a detailed time-line, showing that Rashi initially studied with his uncle, Simon haZaken, in Mayence and later with Jacob ben Yakar (subsequently, Isaac ben Eliezer haLevi) in Worms, eventually to return to Troyes, where he established a yeshiva.
Published in Paris, Prague, Vienna, Mayence (Mainz), later 19th century, oblong.
18) Tribunal de premiere instance (Landgericht), Mayence (Allemagne), 26 novembre 1998, en ligne : Pace Law School : CISG Database <http://cisgw3.
Nancy Clayton, psychiatrist and gallery cochair, along with Paula Mayence, a registered nurse.
The most thorough treatment of Embrico of Mainz's Vita Mahumeti is by Guy Cambier, Embricon de Mayence La Vie de Mahomet.
The tourist party reached as far as Mayence and Frankfurt.
In the last years, however, there has been a reawakening of interest in him, proved by the new start of the historical-critical edition sponsored by the Academy of the Sciences of Mayence in 1996 (a previous start resulted in seven volumes produced between 1962 and 1978) as well as by a number of recent studies, among which the notable monograph by Andrew Weeks, Valentin Weigel (1533-1588): German Religious Dissenter, Speculative Theorist, and Advocate of Tolerance (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1999).
Miller Maguire, criticized what he regarded as the obsession of the rival "continentalist" school: "While looking at the stars, we may tumble in a ditch, and while lost in wonder at how to move effectively from Strasbourg, Mayence, and Metz toward Paris with many divisions of cavalry and armies consisting each of from three to eight corps, we may forget how to handle a few battalions in the passes of the Suleiman Range or in the deserts of Upper Egypt.
Raymond (Paris, 1877), fine 9, and the formula `selonc la vreie ystoire' in Doom de Mayence, ed.
De son cote, Islam Slimani aurait des touches en Angleterre et en Allemagne oE des clubs comme Crystal Palace, West Ham, Newcastle, Leicester, Mayence ou Schalke 04 le suivraient de pres.
Le Bayern Munich a poursuivi sa marche en avant en s'imposant samedi a Mayence, sa 16e victoire de la saison qui lui permet de porter a 14 points son avance sur Leverkusen avant que ce dernier n'accueille Dortmund dimanche, en conclusion de la 20e journee de Bundesliga.
As Selma Stern wrote in The Court Jew, "Great lords and people of rank, princes and princesses, bishops, ministers, even reigning princes, such as those of Mayence [Mainz], Treves [Triers] and Saxony, secretly took part in Oppenheimer's enterprises and placed their capital at his disposal.