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Pol. Mazowsze, historic region, central Poland. At the death (1138) of Boleslaus III, Mazovia became an independent duchy under the Piast dynasty. It became a suzerainty of Great Poland in 1351 and was finally united with it in 1526.
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Regarded as a premium vodka, as opposed to a "rack" spirit designed for mixers, Sobieski is famous for its Dankowski rye from the Mazowsze region of Poland.
Mazowsze - music and dance from Poland - celebrates its 60th anniversary tour with a holiday program featuring 90 dancers, musicians and singers.
The empirical investigation was conducted in three regions of Poland--Podlasie, Mazowsze and Warmia & Mazury.
Winkowski was one of the top two people responsible for printing and distributing the underground weekly magazine Tygodnik Mazowsze (Solidarity Weekly).
Some national groups, notably I suppose the Georgian State Dance Company, the Ukrainian State Folk Dance Company, Poland's Mazowsze, and the Ballet Folklorico of Mexico, have almost rivaled the fame and popularity of Moiseyev's original troupe.
A leading producer of fundraising programming for PBS, WLIW brings US audiences the popular Visions aerial series, cultural performance specials like The Music & Dance of Poland: Mazowsze, and a 15-part series of ethnic heritage specials that includes profiles of Asian Indian, Mexican and Polish American communities.
Warszawska and Polska Mazowsze amounted to 13 thousand copies and 3 thousand
Contract notice for Information and promotion campaign in the region of mazowsze polish and foreign media.
corruption, improving the knowledge and actions of the Police in Mazowsze "financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.
7) The shares constitute over 20% of Radio Mazowsze share capital thus fulfill