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(mä`dzo͞o`), Taiwanese island, in the East China Sea, off Fujian prov., China, E of Fuzhou, and c.100 mi (160 km) from Taiwan. Along with QuemoyQuemoy
, Chin. Chinmen, Kinmen, or Jinmen, Taiwanese island group (1990 pop. 81,479), Taiwan Strait, just off Fujian prov., China, and c.150 mi (240 km) W of Taiwan.
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, it remained a Chinese Nationalist outpost after the Communist victory on the mainland in 1949. The People's Republic of China began bombarding the island again in 1958, but the deployment of the U.S. 7th Fleet prevented an escalation of the hostilities. After 1990 Taiwan reduced the military forces stationed on Matsu, civilian rule was restored in 1993, and restrictions on travel to the island were ended in 1994. Limited direct travel to and trade with the mainland has been permitted since Jan., 2001.


A common Japanese pine; used in house construction.


, Mazu
an island group in Formosa Strait, off the SE coast of mainland China: belongs to Taiwan. Pop.: 3145 (1990 est.). Area: 44 sq. km (17 sq. miles)
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Wanda just told Go that the shrine would benefit the tourism industry since hundreds of thousands of Mazu devotees would visit.
This movement is well demonstrated by the Chinese goddess Tian Fei, more commonly known as Mazu, since the special protection she accorded Zheng He was only one example of a long history of maritime oversight.
Nuolatinio veikimo bioreaktoriuose ikrova pasalinama ne visa is karto, o palaipsniui, nustatytomis dalimis: i bioreaktoriu pridedama dalis paruosto naujo substrato, tiek pat pasalinama degazuoto (Sukurto mazu gabaritu .
In folklore belief, Mazu the Sea Goddess is, alongside Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, the most important motherhood goddess (33).
while sailing from Taiwan's Mazu harbor to Mawei harbor in coastal Fujian, the Fujian Provincial Maritime Search and Rescue Center said.
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Treciasis, ketvirtasis ir penktasis anketos klausimai buvo skirti issiaiskinti, ar imone pagal ES rekomendacijoje del labai mazu, mazu ir vidutiniu imoniu sampratos (angl.
Taip pat reikia pabrezti, kad nagrineti pasirinktos vidutinio dydzio ir mazu miesteliu aikstes, kurios daugiausiai turi polifunkce paskirti (reprezentacine, rekreacine, komercine ir kt.
Suimsuit design company MAZU International, LLC leased 750 s/f at 252 West 38th Street.
This is Riverbed's second acquisition in this area, having bought Mazu Networks in 2009.
Zen master Mazu (709-788)'s teachings of "ordinary mind" represent such a Buddhist adaptation of the Daoist concept of spontaneity.