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(məzûr`kə, –zo͝or`–), Polish national dance that spread to England and the United States at the beginning of the 19th cent. Danced by four or eight couples and characterized by stamping of the feet and clicking of the heels, it is in moderate triple meter and permits improvisation. ChopinChopin, Frédéric François
, 1810–49, composer for the piano, b. near Warsaw, of French and Polish parentage. His lyrical, often melancholy, compositions brought romantic piano music to unprecedented expressive heights.
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 composed more than 50 mazurkas for piano.



a Polish folk dance that originated among the Mazurs and later became a popular national dance. The mazurka has a quick tempo and is written in ¾ or ⅜ time. The music has syncopated rhythm, sharp leaps in the melody, and a capricious accentuation, with the accent often falling on the beats of the measure that are usually weak. It became a ballroom dance in the 19th century. The mazurka is danced by couples in a circle. Among the composers who were influenced by its rhythms were F. Chopin, S. Moniuszko, H. Wieniawski, M. I. Glinka, P. I. Tchaikovsky, and A. K. Glazunov.


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, mazourka
1. a Polish national dance in triple time
2. a piece of music composed for this dance
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La mazurka est une musique a trois temps avec un phrase decoupe en multiples de quatre mesures, chaque groupe de quatre correspondants a une figure de base pour les danseurs.
Rhythm, you sensed, was the unshakable base of Mac-Gregor's interpretations; which gave her Chopin mazurkas an almost improvisatory feeling.
Meanwhile two of the college's most well-known tutors also return to the festival - playwright John Godber, who will be the subject of an art exhibition and "an evening with" event, and pianist Joanna MacGregor - who will play all 58 of Chopin's Mazurkas in one two-hour recital.
Her new CD was recorded at Cheetham's School of Music in February, and is a well-chosen programme of music by Chopin including seven Mazurkas, two Nocturnes and the Polonaise Fantasie.
In a selection of four Mazurkas Alexeev resisted the temptation to showiness, content to emphasize their light and shade, with the minor key Op 63 particularly impressive.
Not wanting to overwhelm the dancers--none of whom were trained in modern dance--Roxane D'Orleans Juste introduced Limon's Mazurkas by having them lie on the floor to feel the weight of their bodies.
He read a paper entitled "The Mazurkas of Karol Szymanowski" as a Lowens Award finalist at the Capital Chapter of The American Musicological Society.
He has a growing number of compact discs to his credit, having recorded the complete mazurkas of Szymanowski and works of Beethoven, Brahms, Bartok and Scriabin.
Information: Eurotox 2005, 23/25 Dluga Street, 00-238 Warsaw, Poland, (+48 22) 831 91 73, 831 91 74, 635 49 46, fax: (+48 22) 831 91 77, e-mail: eurotox2005@ mazurkas.
The French chansons range from light love songs to the more dramatic "Grands oiseaux blancs" and four amazing settings to mazurkas by Chopin.
By far the more useful of the two editions is the anthology of mazurkas by Polish composers assembled by Elibieta Wasowska.
40 [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] 4 Mazurkas, op 17 [beaucoup plus grand que] de Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) etalant un jeu empreint de rapidite et de precision, avec une main gauche epoustouflante, avant d'accompagner sa compatriote Katarzyna Duda qui a fait montre, elle aussi, de maitrise technique avec notamment des solos de violon a deux voix.