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From the deck the land was invisible, and McCoy went aloft, while the captain took advantage of the opportunity to curse some of the bitterness out of his heart.
Hold her up, Captain," McCoy said as soon as he reached the poop.
She'll make it," McCoy assured him with supreme confidence.
Slowly, point by point, as she entered the lagoon, the PYRENEES described the circle that put her before the wind; and point by point, with all the calm certitude of a thousand years of time to spare, McCoy chanted the changing course.
McCoy's beard was crinkling and shriveling and the smell of it, strong in the other's nostrils, compelled him to look toward McCoy with sudden solicitude.
Now," said McCoy, stealing a glance ahead at the low shore, "four points up, Captain, and let her drive.
He reached the painter of the boat that lay under the quarter, then looked for McCoy, who was standing aside to let him go down.
But the flame and smoke were too terrible, and he followed hard after McCoy, both men wriggling on the rope and sliding down into the boat together.
a beautiful bed, Captain," McCoy murmured, looking back.
And now," said McCoy, "I must see about getting back to Pitcairn.
The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Whiskey is a distinctive liquid inspired by American pride, century-old family recipes and Appalachian tradition.
Historically, the MER market has been important for McCoy, so we are eager to realize the value of more efficiently supporting our customers' service and equipment needs in this region," said Jim Rakievich, President and CEO of McCoy.