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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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McDonald's chicken wings are being tested in select outlets across America.
LuPone, 57, became aware of McDonald's ascendancy as the younger actress moved up through the musical theater ranks.
When we meet the regulators, it's kind of nice," says the senior director for social responsibility at the McDonald's Corporation.
But thousands of Americans have been inspired by Larry McDonald's example and have embraced the same cause of liberty to which he unwaveringly devoted--and ultimately sacrificed--his life.
McDonald's goal is to sell 10,000 books per month through stores, churches and other organizations.
Two doors down from his restaurant is the globally renowned, gleaming red and yellow branding of McDonald's.
Parishioners at Brentwood Baptist Church in Houston are singing the Lord's praises right along with the world-famous McDonald's slogan, "We love to see you smile.
McDonald's early shorts Knock, Knock and Let Me See .
McDonald's talk at the 1999 American Academy of Neurology conference was "Chance and Design in the Progress of MS Research".
Russ McDonald's book meets a critical need for teachers of Shakespeare: a comprehensive yet succinct guide to the ideas and contexts that shape our understanding of Shakespeare.
It accused the American McDonald's corporation (which has 580 outlets on English shores) of abusing its workers, producing unhealthy food and destroying "vast areas of Central American rainforest" to raise its beef.
For a brief moment, the Tax Court provided taxpayers with some measure of certainty in this area when it upheld a significant allocation of the purchase price of McDonald's franchises to amortizable franchise fees rather than to nonamortizable goodwill (Canterbury, 99 TC No.