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Maximum mean value for spikelets per spike was exhibited by Chakwal-86 with mean values 25.
Table 3: Showing comparison of mean values of volume of combined ovaries between groups A, B, C, D and E.
It is based on a first-order Taylor expansion of the limit state function, at the mean values of the random variables, avoiding the need for solving an optimization problem to locate the most probable point (MPP).
The mean value of male students in science group on the variable of arms and legs shaking and trembling before attempting a test was 3.
The mean values of redness (+a*) of the samples in powder stored under controlled conditions are shown in Table 6.
Mean values on each three groups were calculated and compared, using descriptive statistical tests (mean and averages), in order to determine the difference between the three groups.
The one way ANOVA results from Table 1 indicated that there were significant difference in term of mean values of seeds length, width, rectangular aspect ratio, major axis length, minor axis length, and aspect ratio among the weedy rice seeds variants.
The conditional median value of retirement accounts rose 25 percent from $47,200 in 2010 to $59,000 in 2013; and the mean value rose 10 percent, from $183,400 in 2010 to $201,300 in 2013.
Table 1 shows the mean score and standard deviation of each item of the quality of work life scale which reveals that the respondents have been found satisfied with the variables 'Good quality of relationship with spouse and children' with the highest mean value of 2.