Mechanical ventilation

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Mechanical ventilation

1. The use of fans and intake and exhaust vents to mechanically distribute ventilation and other conditioned air.
2. A forced ventilation method that circulates the air, removes odors, and controls humidity within the building. It is often used in wet areas such as food preparation rooms and bathrooms to control odor. Ceiling and window fans or portable ventilation devices are used to circulate the air within the space. They cannot be used for air replacement unless a clear indoor/outdoor circulation pattern is established. See also: Ventilation systems

mechanical ventilation

The process of supplying outdoor air to a building or removing air from it by mechanical means, e.g., with fans; the air which is supplied may or may not be heated, cooled, or air-conditioned.
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Shortly after colonoscopy, the patient experienced a rapid decrease in oxygen saturation and required intubation with mechanical respiration.
They would have the clear option of specifically rejecting or demanding such things as cardiac resuscitation, mechanical respiration, artificial nutrition, or antibiotics in the event that they become permanently unconscious or irreversibly brain-damaged while in a terminal condition.
1) 34 persons who were ventilator dependent when discharged from inpatient rehabilitation, and (2) 196 persons who had required mechanical respiration some time during rehabilitation, but who were free of such assistance at discharge.

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