Mechanical room

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Mechanical room

A room devoted to mechanical equipment and controls, such as a boiler, furnace, ductwork, plumbing, and water heater.

mechanical equipment room, machinery room

A room containing a permanently installed refrigeration or air-conditioning system, or major parts thereof.
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Another difference is visual access to the mechanical room.
Before the conversion, their apartment was three separate spaces: a classroom, a boys' bathroom and a mechanical room.
Each building is split into two halves separated by a mechanical room and lavatory.
If the coupling is missing or damaged, you won't be able to attach the exhaust elbow pipe to the generator exhaust outlet in the mechanical room.
A variety of refrigeration systems are also on display in a mechanical room setting including products such as the recently launched Slim Contour Unit Cooler, the refrigeration remote control monitoring system, the environmentally friendly Microchannel Air-Cooled Condenser platform, and the GreenChill awarded [CO.
The specialized design conceals what is basically a mechanical room,' said Robert Boucher, senior project manager in Design and Construction and project manager for the chiller plant.
An additional $75,000 would be needed to upgrade equipment in the mechanical room and the pool building to meet minimum Building Code requirements with ventilation in the washrooms, electrical upgrades, and grounding; and to repair a foundation collapse in the southwest well of the building.
Renovations made by the Team Group, a Euless, Texas-based design/build construction firm, included a new roof, vapor barrier reestablishment, replacement of refrigeration compressors, electronics and other modifications to the mechanical room.
A leak in a neighbouring mechanical room has once again put the archives of the Anglican Church of Canada at risk.
The best way to counteract draft issues is to pressurize the mechanical room when the appliance is operating.
The fire broke out in the mechanical room of the St.
The new building will consist of three floors plus a rooftop mechanical room and small basement.

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