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(in science fiction) a robot resembling a human being


An operating system for smartphones, tablets and laptops from the Google-sponsored Open Handset Alliance. With myriad models to choose from, Android is the leading mobile platform with approximately 85% of the worldwide smartphone market. Android is a Linux OS, and apps are programmed in Java. Users download applications from Google's Play Store (formerly Android Market), the Amazon Appstore and other online sources (see Google Play and Amazon Appstore).

The first Android smartphone came out in 2008 and quickly became a major competitor to the iPhone, due to its availability from multiple carriers and handset manufacturers. In addition, Androids could multitask, whereas iPhones could not at that time. By 2011, Android outsold every other smartphone. Android phones were the first with large screens that eventually inspired Apple to offer phablet-sized devices. See phablet.

Like Windows Vs. Mac
Like Windows computers, Android hardware is made by many different manufacturers. Also like Windows, Android vendors can add their own set of apps and different interface features to their phones (see app launcher). In contrast, like the Mac, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are made only by Apple. They feature one interface, one set of included apps and only two or three current models. See iPhone vs. Android, how to select a mobile device, Open Handset Alliance, AOSP, Android fragmentation, mobile compatibility and mobile device vendor control.

The Google Phone
In 2005, Google acquired Android, Inc. and two years later unveiled smartphone specifications for third-party manufacturers. In 2010, Google began to offer "pure Android" versions, devoid of vendor add-ons (see Google Nexus). When it acquired Motorola Mobility in 2012, Google became a phone manufacturer itself. However, in less than two years, Google sold the company to Lenovo while retaining numerous patents. See Android camera, Android rooting, Android laptop, Android antivirus program, Chromecast, Android TV, HTC G1 and smartphone.

Early Models
After T-Mobile introduced the first Android phone in 2008, other carriers and vendors followed, eventually introducing more than a thousand models. See GSM and CDMA.

No Phones on These Androids
In 2009, the ARCHOS entertainment center (top) and Barnes & Noble e-book reader were some of the first Androids sans phone. Soon after, myriad Android tablets and devices were introduced. (Images courtesy of ARCHOS and

No Phones on These Androids
In 2009, the ARCHOS entertainment center (top) and Barnes & Noble e-book reader were some of the first Androids sans phone. Soon after, myriad Android tablets and devices were introduced. (Images courtesy of ARCHOS and
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These nanites infect multitudes of people and transform them into mechanoid monsters.
Then it's on to BATTLETECH, where players take control of 50ft mechanoid robots in an interactive environment.
But Joe is an equal-opportunity fount of wisdom who also helps Beau the Teutonic mechanoid access his sensitive side.
It might not be as imposing as RoboCop but it's giving traffic police a helping hand and in a country where corruption is notorious, this mechanoid member of the law cannot be bought.
In series two, they''re joined by a mechanoid named Kryten and together they battle time distortion, mutant diseases and bizarre life forms.
But despite a passing resemblance to Red Dwarf's Kryten, Hammerhead is anything but cute - he's a mechanoid stormtrooper, muscular, menacing and more than a mite sinister as he stomps around the pitch leaving the club's other longstanding mascot, the unashamedly cuddly Bubbles The Bear, forlornly kicking his (her?
Now the last human being in existence, his only company is a hologrammatic version of his loathed bunk mate, Arnold J Rimmer BSc SSc (Bronze Swimming Certificate, Silver Swimming Certificate); a suicidal onboard computer, Holly; a hairspray-obsessed evolved descendant of his pet cat; and Kryten, a service mechanoid with a severe guilt complex.
No sooner have they arrived than the squad's attacked, Leon captured and Vexille rescued by Tokyo slums resistance Oghters, the last remaining vestiges of Japan's human population, everyone else having been mutated into mechanoid drones by the evil Daiwa corporation who plan to extend the transformations to the rest of the planet.
without his rubber mask no-one would know he's Red Dwarf mechanoid Kryten.
The word "mycop" Bobby had seen on the robot means "rubbish" in Russian, so perhaps the mechanoid was some futuristic refuse collector.
Langella is wonderful, while his up-and-down relationship with his mechanoid mate hits some unexpectedly sweet notes.