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Kellie Jacobson hopes to get a Media Center PC before she heads to college for the first time this fall.
Once PrimeTime starts burning a DVD, the user may continue watching TV or listening to music on the Media Center PC.
It's a high-spec Pentium 4 Media Center PC, with a 160-gig hard drive for recording Sky Plus-style and a built-in DVB Freeview tuner.
Also new from Gateway is the Media Center PC ($3,999 and up), which brings together on one platform digital media features such as TV viewing, TV recording, digital music, digital video, digital photography and DVD.
Gateway has introduced two new Media Center PCs for direct sale: the Gateway 3250X Media Center PC and the Gateway 7200S Media Center PC.
We take a look at what the Media Center PC can do and compare it with your bog standard beige box.
Niveus Media - Debuted an interface to Media Center PC integrated into a high-end home media management system
Wide Selection of PC Shoppers United in Naming Alienware Systems Best Gaming Notebook, Best Performance Desktop and Best Media Center PC
The Industry's First DTV Receiver for Windows Vista[TM] Combines Premium Digital Cable Programming with Media Center PC Functionality
Entertainment Suite is composed of a number of user-friendly applications designed to work with as many devices as possible, and thereby enhance and improve consumers' media center PC experiences.
Watch and record either analog or high definition digital TV on your Vista Media Center PC.
Demonstrations will also showcase Pulse~LINK's ability to wirelessly stream 1080p HD content within a room between a Media center PC and a wirelessly connected HDTV.