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see alfalfaalfalfa
or lucern
, perennial leguminous plant (Medicago sativa) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), the most important pasture and hay plant in North America, also grown extensively in Argentina, S Europe, and Asia.
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Informal a doctor, medical orderly, or medical student
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World leaders must not allow this onslaught against medical personnel to become the new normal in conflict," said PHR executive director Donna McKay.
As earlier established, the medical/hospital library assists in the actualization of the goals and objectives of the parent institution, but this can only be fully realized through the synergy of the librarian and the medical personnel whose roles are clearly complementary.
Medical personnel within all medical areas must be educated on the signs, symptoms and treatment strategies of EAH.
We wanted to provide medical personnel a clearinghouse of information about medical fabric development and advancements in infection control," said Paul A.
Screen icons and prompts alert medical personnel to alarm limit violations, low-battery conditions and sensor malfunctions.
Although a biopsy specimen obtained through the use of a bronchoscope is less reliable than specimens obtained from other diagnostic procedures, medical personnel did not consider performing other more definitive diagnostic procedures to assist with their diagnosis,'' Miller wrote.
A state prisoner brought a [section] 1983 action against correctional officials and medical personnel, alleging denial of medical care and denial of opportunities for educational programs.
On May 12, 1999, Shirley Gipson, 40, was seen at the hospital for examination of an abnormal mass on a portion of her right lung, which medical personnel suspected was either a malignant tumor or the result of an infection, wrote Principal Deputy County Counsel Gary N.
The one-time Dodgers ace was examined by team medical personnel in Los Angeles and Martinez came through without a problem.
A detainee alleged that medical personnel were deliberately indifferent to his diabetic condition.
After the surgery, medical personnel reported they had accounted for all sponges used in the surgery.
The chief said the department wants to get to a system that gives dispatchers greater freedom in determining the type of response by emergency medical personnel, to keep more available and respond quicker.

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