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Med any sensation or change in bodily function experienced by a patient that is associated with a particular disease



an indication of a phenomenon, for example, of a disease. Many types of symptoms are distinguished in medicine. Constitutional symptoms characterize diseases of varying genesis and include weakness and increases in body temperature. Pathognomonic symptoms indicate a definite nosologic form; a stabbing pain in the epigastric region, for example, is typical of a perforating gastric ulcer. Subjective symptoms are only revealed upon questioning the individual, and objective symptoms are readily observable through examination, palpation, percussion, auscultation, and laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods. Signal symptoms are the precursors of a disease. They include early symptoms, such as chest pains with pneumonia, and late symptoms, such as peritoneal irritation with cholecystitis.

A disease is said to be atypical if its characteristic symptoms are absent from the very beginning; an example of an atypical disease is the painless form of myocardial infarction. Modern therapeutic measures and protective inoculations can substantially alter the symptoms of a disease and even cause them to disappear. Diagnosis and prognosis are based on a knowledge of all of the symptoms of a disease.


A phenomenon of physical or mental disorder or disturbance which leads to complaints on the part of the patient.
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19-24) Epidemiological studies provide evidence for an increased prevalence of nonspecific medical symptoms, and common mental disorders among GW veterans as compared to nondeployed Soldiers, or Soldiers deployed to other conflicts.
While stress is not itself considered an illness, it is a common cause of specific medical symptoms from high blood pressure, muscle aches to stomach ulcers.
There can also be language difficulties and young children, who can speak English, are used as interpreters for their mum to explain medical symptoms to the midwife.
Customs official Pakkapong Phathong said the pangolins were confiscated and would be released into the wild in Thailand after a period of observation for medical symptoms.
Home Health Testing and Test Medical Symptoms @ Home both provide a number of kits designed to probe for everything from cholesterol to cancer.
Reports of serious medical symptoms, such as fever and burning sensations while urinating, also declined among the caregivers, Grant's team reports in the May/June Psychosomatic Medicine.
Among the parameters studied were disease-specific quality of life, perceived medical symptoms, coping skills, and levels of health-related, family, and financial stress.
It's important that all tenants understand the possible dangers and that they don't delay if they spot any of the warning signs or medical symptoms.
The medical symptoms of foehn include headaches, irascibility, lethargy, lack of concentration, etc.
For information regarding medical symptoms or treatment for typhus, contact the county Disease Control Unit at (213) 240-7941.
The resident has the right to be free from any physical or chemical restraints imposed for the purposes of discipline or convenience, and not required to treat the resident's medical symptoms.
Remain uncharacteristically calm in view of the victim's perplexing medical symptoms

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