Medium-Format Camera

Camera, Medium-Format


a camera with a frame size (according to the USSR State Standard) of 45 × 60, 60 × 60, 60 × 70, or 60 × 90 mm. The images obtained on the film have corresponding sizes of 41 × 57, 57 × 57, 57 × 72, and 57 × 82.5 mm, with a tolerance of ± 1 mm.

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Included in the auction this month is a tapestry made by Queen Victoria and her ladies in waiting, and a rare Rolleiflex 'Urushi' limited Japan edition medium-format camera, valued at pounds 6,000, which is unopened in its original box.
Topocart has contracted with Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a MicrosoftA; company, to purchase an UltraCamLp medium-format camera system.
Such revealing or ambiguous intersections of physical nuance and verbal expression mesh with the detailed mapping of facial topography made possible by Bey's medium-format camera to produce a truly engrossing study.
Using a Rolleiflex medium-format camera, Rose assiduously recorded the peoples and places encountered during the trips he undertook with his wife (and fellow researcher) Lyndon throughout central Australia and locations along the eastern coast of Australia.
We manned up and I readied my two cameras, a medium-format camera for making prints and a 35mm Canon F-1 for shooting Kodachrome slides, the gold standard of a serious photographer.
There are people using Kodak DCS 760, Canon EOS 10D and 1Ds, Nikon D1X, and a few Fujifilm FinePix $2 Pro models, plus a sprinkling of Kodak Pro Backs and Phase One Backs on various medium-format camera bodies.
Armed with his medium-format camera, Sarasota photographer Steven Katzman walked into his first religious tent revival in January 1999.
Though many amateurs cannot afford the larger-format cameras - those that use 4-inch by 5-inch negatives or larger - professionals employ, Ober suggests buying a secondhand medium-format camera - with 2-1/4-inch, by 2-1/4-inch negatives, such as a Rolleiflex - to achieve superior results.
The PENTAX 645Z medium-format camera uniquely combines rugged, fully weatherproof design and easy operability with superior image quality made possible by its 51.
Now with a medium-format camera, I continue to photograph cowboys on into the twenty-first century, working more recently in California, Montana, and Wyoming.
Liu's sitters are participants, perhaps as a result of his medium-format camera that, unlike Frank's more compact Leica, is always noticed in advance of each shot.
8mm, which makes it ideal for 645 medium-format camera systems.

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