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Speaking from Spirit: Inspiring Stories and Messages from Those Who Have Passed On is not a book on mediumship, even though the stories were received through a mediumistic channel.
One speculation is that as frontal lobe activity decreases, the areas of the brain that support mediumistic writing are further disinhibited (similar to alcohol or drug use) so that the overall complexity can increase.
This new group of sitters was a good deal more skeptical of mediumistic phenomena than their predecessors.
To make sense of the ways in which Spiritism has been hybridised with local religions, Camargo argues that there is a mediumistic continuum comprised by Spiritism on the one pole and Umbanda (a highly syncretic religion created in Brazil which incorporates elements from Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous religions, Catholicism, and Spiritism) on the other (1961: 3-15).
A review of ancient Kemetic: spiritual awareness, destiny, evolution stages (Sahu, Ab, Ba), ten stages of initiation, Maatian principles, four levels and ten states of meditation, mediumistic trance, deities of the Metu Neter, cosmology, cosmogony, the philosophical and psychological aspects of the Metu Neter oracle system and a guide on how to meditate and perform a ritual.
The Uniqueness of Nguni Mediumistic Divination in Southern Africa.
13) Theosophy was closely associated with spiritualism but rejected its understanding that mediumistic trance is available to all, instead appealing to a body of revealed knowledge that they linked both with ancient Christian Gnosticism and, more immediately, with Indian sages, the "mahatmas.
During the years that followed, Stockwell took every opportunity to demonstrate his mediumistic ability, endeavouring to reunite relatives with their departed loved ones.
But the decision to give them public cash, which has helped with training and a website for Accolade Academy of Psychic and Mediumistic Studies, has attracted criticism.
The grant from the Welsh Assembly Government and Department for Work and Pensions will allow the couple to develop the Accolade Academy of Psychic and Mediumistic Studies from their seaside home.
New societies for psychic research were established; numerous mediumistic seances took place; a theosophic society thrived; and Florentines saw the establishment of the Philosophical Library and an Italian version of the Christian Science Church.
s "effects," many of the 225 photographs that accompany von Schrenck-Notzing's Phenomena of Materialization: A Contribution to the Investigation of Mediumistic Teleplastics (1920) remain seemingly inexplicable documentation of psychical occurrences.