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Most importantly, Megara defected to the Peloponnesian League, meaning the gate to Peloponnesian invasion of Attica was open (1.
John J Megara, MBA Administrator of Hale Nani Rehabilitation and Nursing Center commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for me.
She again emphasises her status as lone woman in Megara, there only briefly separated from her party.
He was appointed country manager at SGSS in Egypt, where he was responsible for the implementation of Megara, the modular software for securities services (clearing and settlement, custody).
An early example from classical Greece is the Megarian Decree, under which Athens introduced a trade embargo on Megara merchants during the Pericles era.
Theognis of Megara, another ancient Greek philosopher, said, "Fairly examined, truly understood, no man is wholly bad, nor wholly good.
layouts of Syracuse, Megara Hyblaea, and Naxos, Sicily--did not yet have completely rectilinear grids, in that the avenues and cross-streets were not all perpendicular.
Finally, during their first encounter at Megara Apollodorus has Neaira explain to Stephanus that she was afraid of Phrynion, because she had wronged him ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 37).
The initial perception of Megara as simply "the children's mother" and an annoying "extra", since it is the children that threaten the future power of Lycus, and it is the welfare of the children which appears to concern Heracles more readily, is challenged by the nobility with which she conducts herself, her rational approach to her situation, her desire for honour and not disgrace, and her care of the children, "whom, like a bird, I keep the chicks under my wings" (ll.
when officials in Athens denied traders from the state of Megara access to Athens' harbor and its marketplace.
In this case, Rocha took inspiration from Paul Valery's 1921 dialogue "Eupalinos ou l'architecte," which evokes Eupalinos of Megara, an engineer in ancient Greece known for the innovative tunnel he constructed on the island of Samos.
Nalini is said to have called her daughter Megara in the UK using the phone.