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A leaf bearing megasporangia.



a leaf on which or in the axil of which only megasporangia (or a megasporangium) form. Megasporophylls are characteristic of heterosporous Lycopodiales (Lepidodendron, Selaginella) and sago palms. In angiosperms the carpel is homologous to the megasporophyll.

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taxa that have reduced megasporophylls lacking a clearly distinct apical
elongated teeth on its megasporophylls distinguish Cycasfugax within a
group of acaulescent taxa that have megasporophylls lacking a clearly
Megasporophylls are reduced, with a few long and slender
distinguished by its very small stature, small megasporophylls lacking a
less acaulescent taxa with reduced megasporophylls lacking a clearly
complex its reduced megasporophylls suggest that Cycas brachycantha is
Megasporophylls 7-11 cm long, brown-tomentose; ovules 24,
midpoint and its smaller megasporophylls with shorter teeth on the