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megger (Megohmmeter)

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The megger consists of two primary elements, both of which are provided with individual magnetic fields from a common permanent magnet, a hand driven DC generator and the instrument. In the illustration, coil A tends to move the pointer clock-wise and coil B anticlock-wise. Coil A is connected in series to R3 an unknown resistance whose value is to be measured. Coil B is connected to R2 and to the generator.
The registered trade name of a high-voltage, high-range ohmmeter. It has a built-in, hand-operated generator for providing the voltage needed to measure the electrical continuity, the insulation resistance, and the resistance between a component and an electrical ground.
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To achieve these goals, they sought training by foreign scholars: from the French school, especially the couple Joseph and Annette Emperaire; and from the North American school, especially Clifford Evans and Betty Meggers.
Clifford Evans and Betty Meggers (both from the Smithsonian Institution) attempted to define stylistic horizons - or a cultural sequence - for the entire region by dating and analysing ceramic material from sites in the Amazon delta.
Meggers is also a member of the Alcoa Executive Council, the Company's senior leadership group that sets strategic direction.
I address works of three different groups of influential archaeologists: Betty Meggers and her Brazilian colleagues; Donald Lathrap and his students; and Anna Roosevelt.
Notes Meggers, "The knowledge that results from further work certainly wonht be revolutionary.
Tender notice number : AJ-45830, LAMPS, MEGGERS, LUX METERS, CLAMP METERS
2) insulation tester hand generator type megger complete with testing leads & carrying case voltage 1000 volts, insulation value from 0-500 mega ohms make : waco / nippon / secor
Rev Meggers became a Christian at the age of 24, after working for a Wrexham timber company.
Archaeologist Betty Meggers of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.
She re-excavated the sites studied by Meggers, this time using state-of-the-art scientific techniques such as ground-penetrating radar to gather additional data and draw a more three-dimensional portrait.
NEW YORK -- Alcoa announced today that Kay Meggers has been named President, Alcoa Global Rolled Products (GRP) effective November 14, succeeding Helmut Wieser, who has announced he will retire at the end of this year.