a judeţ (district) in southwestern Rumania. Area, 4,900 sq km; population, 318,000 (1970). The administrative center is Turnu-Severin.

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is a former apparatchik of the fourth echelon of the Communist Party in the Mehedinti county.
1, 220037, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Mehedinti, Romania gabriel.
In Sisesti, Mehedinti County, services had to be held in the open.
Simion Mehedinti, le fondateur de la geographie moderne roumaine, disait a cet effet que:
Albalact - Almera International - Angst Ro - Arla Foods - Bakoma - Bioef Brailact (Brenac) - Bucovina - Carmo Lact Prod - Covalact & Campina - Danone - Delaco Group - Ehrmann - Eurocheese - Five Continents - Friesland Foods & Napolact - G&B Lumidan - Gordon Prod - Hochland - IL Dambovita - IL Harghita - IL Mehedinti - Ilvas - Indlacto Mures - Lacta - Lactag - Lactalis International - Lactate Harghita - Lactido - Lactis - Lacto Solomonescu - LaDorna Group - Meggle - Oltina - Paulact - Prodlacta - Raraul - Sanlacta - Schwaben Molkerei - Sibiana - Simultan - Teletext - Tnuva Dairies - Vranlact - Zott Gmbh
Tenders are invited for Supply Framework Agreement Wheel Cars, Machinery Forestiere- Forestry Division Mehedinti
In Mehedinti county, until February 12th, there were registered 57 applications from former members of the traditional political parties (SJAN Dolj, Fund Rezidenta Regala a Tinutului Olt, file no.
South-West-Oltenia region includes Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinti, Olt and Valcea counties.
Procurement Services Snow Forestry Directorate Within Forest Districts Mehedinti with the Following: - Bone.
18% of the area of Romania has a protected status: three biosphere reserves (Danube Delta, Retezat and Rodna), thirteen national parks (Domogled-Valea Cernei, Cheile Nerei-Beusnita, SemenicCheile Cara[section]ului and Defileul Jiului), thirteen natural parks (Portile de Fier--Iron Gates, Gradi[section]tea Muncelului-Cioclovina, the Tara Hategului dinosaur geo-park, the Mehedinti Plateau geo-park), etc.
Contract award: rehabilitation boulevard tudor vladimirescu, drobeta turnu severin, mehedinti county