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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Egyptian Vice-President Mahmoud Mekki said his country's long-awaited constitution, which was scheduled to go on a referendum on December 15, might be postponed as President Mohammad Mursi began talks with the leaders of the country's different parties and renowned political figures.
Ahmed Mekki spoke hours before president Mohammed Morsi was due to meet members of the Supreme Judiciary Council to discuss the package of decrees he announced last Thursday.
Meanwhile, Egyptian Vice President Mahmoud Mekki announced his resignation during the referendum Saturday, thus becoming the latest high-ranking official to leave the administration of President Mohammed Morsi during the past month.
At the same press conference, vice president Mahmoud Mekki said the Higher Elections Commission has taken all measures necessary for the upcoming referendum.
DEAN HOLDSWORTH saluted Adam Mekki after he came off the bench to fire in an equaliser for Aldershot.
Mekki, 74, was picked to head the justice ministry in August last year.
Minister you should resign after this confession Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki admits on live TV to lying about an autopsy to cover up the torture done by the Egyptian regime.
The opening was inaugurated by Morocco's ambassador to Qatar HE El Mekki Gaounane.
Launched in December 2011 by co-founders Muhammed Mekki, Louis Lebbos, Hosam Arab, and Faraz Khalid, Namshi .
23 (Xinhua-ANI): Egyptian Vice President Mahmoud Mekki has submitted his resignation to President Mohamed Morsi, the state TV reported Saturday afternoon.
Justice Mekki was still there at his office, discharging his duties until a new minister was named or a caretaker official was mandated to overseeing the department " a statement which was concurrently confirmed by the government spokesman.
Manama: June 6 -- (BNA)-- The well-known TV drama star Wafa Mekki has declined to participate in 3 drama series for the holy month of Ramadan this year because she would like to dedicate time to her 2-year-old daughter, Zihoor.