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a group of kindred peoples constituting the indigenous population of Melanesia and numbering about 1.1 million (1970, estimate). They speak various Melanesian languages, and anthropologically they belong to the Melanesian race. Nominally the Melanesians are Christians, but traditional beliefs are still strong.

By the beginning of the 19th century the Melanesians had reached different stages of the disintegration of the primitive communal system and were skilled shipbuilders and navigators. The colonialists brought the slave trade, expropriation of land, and forced labor on plantations and in mines, and many Melanesian groups completely or partially died out. Only in the 1920’s and 1930’s did the Melanesian population begin to increase. The main occupations are tropical farming and fishing. After World War II the Melanesians began a national liberation struggle against the colonialists. A working class is arising in the major cities, and the amalgamation of previously separate tribes has intensified.


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CHRISTIANS who have travelled from across the globe to perform a Biblical play in Wirral have set their video recorders because it clashes with Liverpool FC's crucial match The Melanesian Brothers and Sisters are staging a bloody and spectacular production of The Passion of Our Lord tomorrow night.
The diversity of the Melanesian societies at European contact is not linked only to time depth, but more to variable cultural and historical choices over the long term (Green 1991; Spriggs 1997; Sheppard et al.
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Good contemporary art, whether Asian, African, Melanesian or Indigenous Australian, provides a window on both the past and the present.
Major political parties: Melanesian Progressive Party (MPP); Union of Moderate Parties (UMP); National United Party (NUP); Vanua'aku Party (VP); Vanuatu Republican Party (VRP); the Confederation of Greens (CG); John Frum group; People's Progressive Party (PPP); National Community Association (NCA).
This article is written from a Papua New Guinean or Melanesian perspective on the significance and meaning of symbols.
FBOs have also participated in censorship of various types in the Melanesian states--through official representation on censorship boards and through agitation on issues to which they were opposed.
Yet, he does not seem to question why the Melanesians have been able to maintain their form of political order and happiness for thousands of years while the West has had massive amounts of wars, destruction, and political collapses, let alone domestic crime, in such relatively short time periods.
Summary: A frog with fangs, a blind snake and a round-headed dolphin are among more than 1,000 new species recently found on the incredible Melanesian island of New Guinea, environment group WWF said.
The evidence came unexpectedly when Denisovian gene sequences turned up in the DNA of modern Melanesian Pacific islanders.
It is important for Vanuatu because it is a major Melanesian country and there are millions of Melanesians in West Papua that are facing difficulties with human rights in their country.
The Melanesian islands of the south west Pacific especially acted as a subsequent and more significant labour pool for extensive German, French, British and, later, Australian agricultural and mining interests in the region.