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town (est. pop. 261), the capital of the Pacific island nation of PalauPalau
, officially Republic of Palau, independent nation (2005 est. pop. 20,300), c.192 sq mi (497 sq km), W Pacific, in the W Caroline Islands. Belau, the indigenous name for Palau, is sometimes used.
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, located on the E coast of BabeldaobBabeldaob
or Babelthuap,
volcanic island, 143 sq mi (370 sq km), largest island of Palau, in the W Caroline Islands, W Pacific. In 2006, Palau's capital was moved from the island of Oreor (Koror) to Melekeok on the east coast of Babeldaob.
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, Palau's largest island. Melekeok is the site of a modern complex of government buildings, completed in 2006. The capital was moved there from OreorOreor
or Koror
, volcanic island (c.3 sq mi/7.8 sq km; 1990 pop. 10,501), Palau, in the W Caroline Islands, W Pacific. Most of the republic's population lives there, and the island was the site of the capital from independence, in 1994, to 2006, when Melekeok became
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 in 2006.
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Archaeological inventory survey for the capital relocation project, Melekeok, Republic of Palau.
Description: The proposed project is seeking funding support to build further capacity of the community land users, fund reforesting and erosion control activities in Ngarchelong, and extend campaign activities into other areas of Palau in particular Melekeok State where similar environmental threats exist.
8 Palau 178 77 Melekeok English, Sonsorol'ese, Palauan, others 20,000 0.
Day IV: Travel by boat to Ngarchelong - Visit stone monoliths - Drive by 4x4-car to a remote waterfall - Drive by 4x4-car to Melekeok Abai, a Survivor challenge site - Return by boat