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(mālyētô`pəl), city (1989 pop. 174,000), S Ukraine, on the Molochnoy River. A manufacturing center, it produces heavy machinery and has flour mills and food-processing plants. It was founded in the early 19th cent. as the settlement Novo-Aleksandrovka but was renamed in 1841.



a city under oblast jurisdiction; center of Melitopol’ Raion, Zaporozh’e Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located on the right bank of the Molochnaia River. The city has a railroad station. Population, 146,000 (1973; 76,000, 1939; 95,-000, 1959).

Since the establishment of Soviet power, Melitopol’ has become an important industrial and cultural center of the oblast. Machine building occupies the leading place in the city’s economy; major enterprises include the production of motors (power assembly units for Zaporozhets and Volyn’ automobiles), refrigeration machinery, hydraulic assemblies for tractors, food-processing machinery (automatic lines for the bottling of food products), and compressors. The food-processing industry includes a meat combine, a dairy, a cannery, and an oil-extracting plant.

The city’s light industry includes factories producing garments and knitted goods. Educational institutions in Melitopol’ include a pedagogical institute, an institute for the mechanization of agriculture, agricultural technicums for machine building, hydraulic land reclamation, and mechanization, a medical school, and a cultural and educational school. The city has a museum of local lore. Extensive residential and community building has been undertaken in Melitopol’. On Jan. 1, 1973, housing resources consisted of 1,683,000 sq m. There are many gardens and parks in the city. The total green planted area is 1,900 hectares. The city arose on the site of the small village of Novoaleksandrovskaia Sloboda. Melitopol’ was officially made a city in 1841.



a city in SE Ukraine. Pop.: 157 000 (2005 est.)
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The Melitopol site has been graphically confirmed by the interviews with witnesses conducted by Father Patrick Desbois, 7716' Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest's Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.
People in Kiev are treating us like lepers,' said Yuriy Koshchun, 24, a Yanukovych supporter from Melitopol in Ukraine's south-east.
75) The number of those massacred at each site on his command steadily escalated: 1,000 at Berdjansk, 2,000 at Melitopol around 8 October 1941, and four times that many Jews in the city of Mariupol before the end of the same month.