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see MelchitesMelchites
or Melkites
, members of a Christian community in the Levant and the Americas, mainly Arabic-speaking and numbering about 250,000. They are in communion with the pope and have a Byzantine rite much like that of Constantinople but in the Arabic language.
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The reference is to Father Macarios Nasr, a Melkite, who was allowed to conduct services at St.
Though one can certainly sympathize with Melkite historians when they speak of an imprudent Latinizing diminution of the historic patrimony of their church, there simply is, it must be said, no such thing as a homogeneous doctrine of the papacy, its theory and practice, in the first Christian millennium against which the notions of universally primatial jurisdiction and infallible teaching authority, as promulgated at the First Vatican Council, can be judged and found wanting.
A' Churches of Damascus call for participation in prayers for Syria on Saturday Meanwhile, the Catholic Roman Melkite Patriarchate called, on behalf of all Damascus churches, to share Pope Francis I and the world prayers for Syria at 6:00 PM on Saturday at the Lady Cathedral for Catholic Roman Melkites in Bab Sharqi neighborhood in Damascus.
A statement from the Patriarchate of Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem and all the Orient for the Catholic Greek Melkites said the meeting would be held in the Basilica of Cosmedin in Santa Maria Monday.