Mellon Foundation

Mellon Foundation,

officially the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, philanthropic trust formed (1969) through the merger of the Avalon Foundation (est. 1940 by Ailsa Mellon Bruce) and the Old Dominion Foundation (est. 1941 by Paul Mellon). Prior to the merger, the Avalon Foundation distributed funds to hospitals and health agencies, educational institutions, and cultural programs including the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic. The Old Dominion Fund concentrated on the humanities and liberal education. The merged foundation, with assets of $4.7 billion (2003), continues to support the areas of health, higher education, and the humanities (museums, art conservation, and performing arts), and has added programs in conservation and the environment and public affairs. Other philanthropic foundations endowed by members of the Mellon family include the Richard King Mellon Foundation (est. 1947) and the R. K. Mellon Family Foundation (est. 1978).
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Mellon Foundation to support the launch of an innovative master of music degree program in curatorial, critical and performance studies and its resultant ensemble, The Orchestra Now (TON).
Mellon Foundation makes it possible for Youth Speaks to implement the fellowship program and provide critical staffing to the Leadership Cohort.
Leveraging funding from multiple sources existing funding as well as new funding and in-kind contributions from philanthropic foundations including the Hillman Foundation, RK Mellon Foundation and Dietrich Foundation; Kris Gopalakrishnan, (co-founder of Infosys); institutional partners; U.
Over the past 20 years the Mellon Foundation has provided over $118 million of support to South African universities and cultural institutions.
Mellon Foundation (the Mellon Foundation) to organise an "Indian Conservation Fellowship Pilot Programme.
although Flanagan does not detail possilde cost reduction strategies in the book, his report for the Mellon Foundation makes .
Six years ago the Mellon Foundation funded a research project to assess the state of scholarly publishing in the field of art and architectural history, using data collected from university presses.
The Richard King Mellon Foundation has awarded a grant totaling $3 million to the Community College of Allegheny County Educational Foundation.
This grant is funded by the Mellon Foundation and administered by the CLIR," explains David Crosson, CHS Executive Director.
Mellon Foundation and has operated until now through a network of centers and regional offices with staff in nine states.
Mellon Foundation pledged $700,000 to UAF over the next five years to provide financial support to students in the dissertation-writing phase of their doctoral programs.