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This will again depend on the geological environment, but the Melville Peninsula study has resulted in some important observations.
Stornoway holds varying interests in more than 7 million acres of prospective diamond properties throughout the Melville Peninsula, including a 70% interest in the 5.
During the summer of 2005, approximately 100,717 acres of mineral claims were staked on the eastern side of the Melville Peninsula some 180 km south of the Aviat kimberlites and 200 km northeast of BHP's Qilalugaq Project at Repulse Bay.
and Hunter Exploration Group to explore the Melville Peninsula region of Nunavut for diamonds.
The 2005 spring exploration program on the Aviat Project, Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, has been completed.
BHP Billiton) and Hunter Exploration Group today are pleased to announce that the first phase of drilling has commenced on the Aviat Project on the Melville Peninsula in the Territory of Nunavut.
25 million exploration program for the Aviat Project on the Melville Peninsula in the Territory of Nunavut.
6 million acres of land with prospective geology in the Committee Bay area west of Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, which forms the Area of Mutual Interest for the Joint Venture.
Stornoway's diamond exploration programs on the Melville Peninsula are conducted under the direction of Dean Besserer, P.
The Falcon(TM) gravity gradiometer system has been used successfully at BHP Billiton's Qilalugaq Project in the southern Melville Peninsula.
Wales Island lies in Committee Bay, 200 km southwest of Stornoway's Aviat project on the Melville Peninsula and 100 km north of BHP's Qilalugaq Project at Repulse Bay.
AV-1 and AV-2 represent the first diamond discoveries on the Melville Peninsula and helped precipitate one of the largest land rushes in Canadian history, with over 90 million acres having been acquired for diamond exploration in the eastern arctic by early 2004.